Solution to Puzzle 6

Start by sending two wolves across the river, resulting in:

WCCC.                           WW

You can then send one wolf back to the left bank:

WWCCC.                        W

Now, send the remaining two wolves to the right bank, which results in having all of the chickens on one side and all of the wolves on the other:

CCC.                               WWW

Send one wolf back, then move two chickens to the right:

WC.                                  WWCC

The next move (the sixth one) is to send a wolf and a chicken back, resulting in:

WWCC.                             WC

(This could also be achieved simply by sending a wolf and a chicken across in the first place, but the raft would be on the right bank, instead of on the left, as it is now.)

Next, move the two remaining chickens across:

WW.                                   WCCC

The remaining wolf can take the raft back across for the others:

WWW.                                 CCC

Now, it’s a simple matter to send two wolves across, send one back, and finally sending the other two wolves across in three more moves, resulting in eleven moves and:



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