Logic Puzzle of the Week (1/50)

This is the first of fifty logic puzzles which I will be posting here every week of 2013, apart from the first and last weeks.

One of your friends is organizing a dinner party for you and four other people. He has asked each of them what they would like to eat, but has received no understandable reply. He asks you to decipher their statements, in order to find out which one is vegetarian.

Known information:

One of the four people (let’s call them A, B, C and D) eats mutton (and no other meat), one eats only chicken, one eats only fish and one is entirely vegetarian.

Each of them is either honest, and can never lie, or dishonest, and can never tell the truth.

These are their statements.

A: D and I <as in myself, not another person named I> are of the same type <both honest or both dishonest>.

B: I am a dishonest vegetarian.

C: I do not eat meat beginning with the letter C.

D: The only honest one among us eats fish.

Which one is vegetarian?


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